“This One’s For Me.”

Each of us are fighting battles, tending to wounds, and accepting scars; this year I’ve been on an intensive journey of self-love, awareness, and acceptance, and even though life is getting better I didn’t realize how much compassion and patience I’d need to give myself.

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Goodbyes and Creativity Time (November Goals)


In the final days of October, Giovanni and I squeezed in as much time together as we could before I go to Washington for the month. This is the longest time we’ve spent apart since working together, let alone dating. Besides snuggling and binge watching Scream, we took a spontaneous trip to Berkeley (known as the most vegan-friendly city in USA – is it true? I don’t know).

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The Versatile Blogger Award #2!


Deja vu warning: ABC Bakery’s chocolate cookies are the beeest. Do you think I could contact them and beg ask to be an ambassador? And by that, use my own special code to buy cookies for myself. It would be like those reward programs that banks offer. Even though I get very little back, I still get a return on purchases I’d make anyway (I’m joking; but I’d consider being an advertiser of their cookies). Continue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award #2!”

Yay, Another Award!


Wow, these blogging awards make an aspiring author feel so special! Thank you for sticking with me and watching the blog improve, and thank you Lindsey for nominating me for the Liebster Award. While I was putting off the Versatile Blogger Award, she inspired and encouraged me to change the rules a little and just go for it. So thank you for both nominating me and inspiring some civil-blogger-rebellion!

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The Future of My Books (Part 1)

My story, G.D. (initials), started back in seventh grade, and I completed two books and started a third. I stopped writing regularly until freshman year, when I revamped the story and started typing it up, opposed to keeping it scribbled in numerous journals. On and off I added to the draft, until senior year sent the story souring with NaNoWriMo. I won, but the 50k seemed to only mark halfway into the story. Today, G.D. is at a dribbling pace. I broke the hiatus with the first days of July’s CampNaNo but haven’t dabbled with it since.

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