Goodbyes and Creativity Time (November Goals)


In the final days of October, Giovanni and I squeezed in as much time together as we could before I go to Washington for the month. This is the longest time we’ve spent apart since working together,¬†let alone dating. Besides snuggling and¬†binge watching Scream, we took¬†a spontaneous trip to Berkeley (known as the most vegan-friendly city in USA – is it true? I don’t know).

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Farewell, Halloween Season (October Wrap-up)

Pika Pika @ Japantown, San Francisco

In the middle of October, I hit a bump. A big bump. Two weeks went by and I worked on very little or nothing at all. Luckily the month improved and, other than the slump on Halloween night, turned out successful! My emotional mood triggers do worry me, but with time, growth, and research, I will become the master of my happiness and purpose! But for now, I do what I can… like setting up monthly goals!

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Halloween Season is Here! (October Goals)


Halloween is my favorite holiday! I think it’s the nostalgia of it all, and no matter what your age is, Halloween returns you to childhood. We can go to pumpkin patches, paint our faces, get frightened by fantasy evils, dress in costumes, and eats lots of candy. I love the colours, the smells, the weather, the decorations, and the activities.

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The Future of My Books (Part 1)

My story,¬†G.D. (initials),¬†started back in seventh grade, and I completed two books and started a third. I stopped writing regularly until¬†freshman year, when I revamped the story and started typing it up, opposed to keeping it scribbled in numerous journals. On and off I added to the draft, until senior year sent the story souring with¬†NaNoWriMo. I won, but the 50k seemed to only mark halfway into the story. Today, G.D. is at a dribbling pace. I broke the hiatus with the first days of July’s CampNaNo but haven’t dabbled with it since.

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Life is going pretty well at the moment. My¬†cats are having a great time running in and outside, but it’s getting pretty cold in here. The price you¬†pay for the happiness of your kids, right? Speaking of kids, I¬†asked Giovanni to make me¬†the noodles I’ve been “craving,” and he just wrote back¬†worried about the¬†“craving.” Yeah, he seems genuinely concerned… silly Gio! Even if it happens, we’ll manage… of course, I’m not intent on getting pregnant at this age or ever. Future me, has that changed? Or was this noodle-craving….?!

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My 2014 NaNo Mad Libs (Camp NaNoWriMo)


July 2014, Camp NaNoWriMo’s editorial director, Tim Kim, created a pep talk in the form of a Mad Libs game.

What are “Mad Libs”? Mad Libs are a word game in which you have a story filled with numberous blanks directing the player(s) to pick an adjective, noun, verb, etc., and thus create a funnier (and/or stranger!) story.

To celebrate the anniversary of my favorite pep talk, I wanted to share my Mad Libs and give you the chance to fill out your own, be it again or the first time! Post your Mad Libs in the comments or share it on your blog (and link me so I can read it!).

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#strugglingcollegestudents (CampNaNoWriMo Prep)


For whatever reason, I always miss April’s camp session. The first year (2013), I might have been too burned out¬†by¬†NaNoWriMo, or I just had no idea what “camp” was. In 2014, I forgot, and in 2015, I remembered too late and instead decided to wait for July (which did not lead to any successes either).

I don’t feel all that prepared for April 2016, but it’s March 23rd and I’m thinking about it, so… that’s as prepared as I’ve ever been. My desire to write has bloomed in the course of my first year in college, and I understand more than ever¬†that in order to get myself anywhere in writing, I need to write. And I want to.¬†Writing is difficult, but I love it. So here I am, a college student fluttering in a tornado with a goal¬†to stay afloat. Besides, there is never a consequence in trying NaNo.

Moments ago, I submitted a cabinmate request in the forums and hope to get some fellow college students¬†interested in joining me on this adventure. At first I felt extremely intimated by putting myself out there as a cabin leader, unsure if my schedule and my tornado-fluttering could deal with it all, but then I realized I didn’t have to go through my experience alone… I can surround myself with people who are experiencing the same¬†trials! I never understood the true purpose and beauty of cabins until now, and I’m grateful for NaNoWriMo thinking all these things thru and providing us with these great opportunities.

I look forward to (hopefully) meeting new writers and college students and acting as a brave and fearless leader for my new friends! I want us to be a team, so I will work as hard as I can for my cabinmates and myself.

My fingers are crossed for an emotional, successful, and fun April.

Join in!