Hello, 2017 (January Wrap-Up)


I spent New Year’s Eve with my parents and a friend’s family, and the festivities both ended 2016 and began 2017 with much needed happiness. Even though half of me wonders daily what the heck I’m doing with my life and the other half pats me on the back saying “Woohoo, you’re doin’ great,” both halves agree that Steven Universe is awesome. I binge-watched all 100+ episodes… such talent, I know.

~stares at gif for 15 seconds~ …woah, this is hypnotic.

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Vegan Breakfast Sandwich Recipe


Who doesn’t like sandwiches? For a long time I didn’t, but all it takes it getting the right ingredients together. 😉 For this breakfast-sandwich-inspired dish, the bacon flavor comes from the whole grain bread, Vegemite, and onion, while the egg is substituted for avocado. Every ingredient plays a part to make this a tasty and healthy morning start. Eat it with a glass of almond milk and piece of fruit (I recommend a grapefruit or orange). Enjoy!

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Kangaroos and Sailor Moon – Exchange with Lindsey Livings


So it might not be apparent, despite how many times I’ve mentioned her, but I worship adore Lindsey Livings. Back in September I asked her about doing an exchange, and finally, after obsessing over the tracking number, calling the post office to correct a misprinted zip code, and having the package shipped again from California to Washington, it arrived! And here’s her post!

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All About Resolutions (& January 2017 Goals)

I’m setting goals instead of making resolutions for 2017. Resolutions are similar to goals but “the action of solving a problem” and possesses a negative cognitive due to the fear and relation of failure with the word; a goal, however, is “the object of a person’s ambition” and spotlights the desire to accomplish. Rather than starting the year off thinking we have to tackle problems, we should focus on our passions and building a pathways that leads to our desired achievements.

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