Moving Forward

My blog is a forrest of wither, home only to dust, cobwebs, and itsy bitsy spiders. There aren’t any predicted storms, but I have a watering can filled with ink. Before my heart and efforts are exhausted, I hope to bloom a beautiful garden.


Message Unsent – Learning from a Break-up


My boyfriend and I broke up on November 30th. I mentioned him on the blog regularly, and life’s been lonelier without him. I miss the little details of him most, such as how he moved in the morning after waking up; the way his voice softened when slipping into slumber; the way his voice cracked when startled or scared, or the way it deepened in a laugh that lit his face up with fireworks. I miss how he always wanted to snuggle, even on stuffy summer nights or during my one-sided feuds over a silly grudge; how hard working and willing to help he was, and even how he slacked off and I ordered him around. I miss how honest and humble we kept each other.

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Hello, 2017 (January Wrap-Up)


I spent New Year’s Eve with my parents and a friend’s family, and the festivities both ended 2016 and began 2017 with much needed happiness. Even though half of me wonders daily what the heck I’m doing with my life and the other half pats me on the back saying “Woohoo, you’re doin’ great,” both halves agree that Steven Universe is awesome. I binge-watched all 100+ episodes… such talent, I know.

~stares at gif for 15 seconds~ …woah, this is hypnotic.

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