“This One’s For Me.”

Each of us are fighting battles, tending to wounds, and accepting scars; this year I’ve been on an intensive journey of self-love, awareness, and acceptance, and even though life is getting better I didn’t realize how much compassion and patience I’d need to give myself.

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As is always advised I retraced my steps. Then I did it again and again, circling around the house.

With no sign of it, I asked my mom, “Have you seen my journal?”


“I hope I didn’t loose it somewhere… oh no,” The implications of what that risked struck me, “I wrote about my crushes! And my teenage angst! …er, my adult angst?!”

Freshly endangered of angst exposed, my mind veered from ashes to an elaborate mural of memory. Engulfed by high-stakes hide and seek… I found my journal in mere moments, left in a decommissioned backpack.


Author’s Note: I wrote this post a couple months ago, and I haven’t misplaced my journal since – not out of fear but being organized and responsible. Yay for adulting.

Do you keep a journal? Would you be embarrassed if someone else read it?