In Which I Talk About A Cute Anime Jerk

I’ve got 22 days left to write a book that I haven’t even started. It’s that time of the year…



I’m scared.

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Angels Don’t Speak — A Little Me, Apparently

gabriel360live is a fantastic writer (and pretty awesome person in general); this is my new favorite… so go read it! 😀

I had a vision of where I come from and in it I asked to see my soulmate but what was shown to me was only what I had already known There they were, all of them one in a striped shirt another wearing a white garment one’s silk dress playing with the wind and […]

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The Universe’s 20 Bucks

This photo is a placeholder and (regrettably) has nothing to do with the post.

Bounding down the gym’s stairway and hurrying through a lonely hallway, I stopped mid-step, as if bumping into the force field surrounding what lie on the floor. My own shadow on the walls and reflection in the glass of the exit door startled me.

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