About Me

So I thought by my twenties I’d have life figured out; be in college pursuing a writing career, have financial stability, be in a happy and loving relationship, etc. I’m two years into my twenties, and what all my public school teachers said about being tossed into the mysterious “real world” without a hand to hold was 90% true. The 10% is the silver and gold lining of every storm cloud – there are always people who will and want to help, and that the hardest part of receiving such help is working up the courage to ask for it. And then there’s that 90% of twenties craziness, brimming with anxiety and emotional ups and downs, persona experimenting and budding self-love, wanting a relationship but in your heart knowing you’re not ready, existential crisis, job hunting and career doubts, and learning to coexist with the demons living within, holding you back from your potential and slithering into your ears, telling you to give up.


January 2017 Edit: I’m going to rewrite this soon.

November 2016 Edit: Wow, I wrote this last November.

When I was little, I wrote the biography for the back of my future books:

“MJ Cobra is inspired to write books from her animals. MJ lives in California, Los Angeles.”

I live in Northern California now, but LA will always be my home. Peace is hearing the humming of faraway cars on the freeway at night. There is no other sound as blissful, and a silent night never relaxes me as much as one with a soft breath. That is the true beauty of a big city.

My writing has never struck me as animal-inspired, but a trend I have noticed in many of my stories is that there is often a protagonist with a cat companion. Perhaps my younger self was on to something…

Currently I am working towards transfer to a 4-year university, where I wish to major in Creative Writing. In senior year of high school, I declared to my parents that I was not going to attend a university and instead study massage therapy. I wanted a secondary career more stable than writing in order to support myself during those “struggling author days,” but during my tour of the trade school, I realized the difference between a job and a career. Pursuing this career would evidently push back my true dream of becoming a published author, so with that, I shocked my parents again by returning to the college-concept and applied to a local junior college. I now believe everyone who told me that college is a completely different experience from high school, and I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone unsure of attending college to give it a try.

Apart from writing, I enjoy Japanese animation (anime); the Japanese culture and language, both of which I am excited to explore; astronomy, also a great source of anti-depressants; traveling, because the world is beautiful and we all need to escape our own worlds now and again; drawing/doodling; cooking; volunteering; videogames and board games; badminton; and… I’m sure I have more interests that escape me.

My lifetime wish is to positively impact the world with my writing.

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