I’d Like to Confess (Daily Prompt)

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Simple sentiments send an arrow through my heart. I skipped into 2018 with past conversations turned into love songs stuck on repeat. When my heart drifts back to him, I hear myself saying, “I’ve got it bad…” again and again and again. I’ve got it bad, and I want to confess.

And I have. Several times. All with varying results but nothing turned “official,” whatever that means nowadays. I’ve fallen several times, and I’m watching myself fall yet again for his boyish charm.

The other night we were on the phone together, and I explained my current quest for “ring bands” to make rings. This continuously baffled him, and we both tried reiterating what I meant. My translations got lost in nervous giggling and rambles, while he persisted on about me saying “ring band” instead of “ring” and that they’re both just rings.

“What I’m getting from your rambling is…” He summed it up pretty well.

“Yeah, that’s what I said.”

“No, you didn’t. You always overcomplicate simple things.”

“I said it in my own way.”

He laughed and asked with his staple skepticism, “Why do you want to make rings?”

“…for fashion~!”


Now he really laughed, and I had to ask why several times before he said, “I don’t understand… but I’ll try my best.”

Tongue-tied, I felt an arrow shoot through my heart… but I probably said something sassy or told him to stop laughing at me. Not that it bothered me. There’s magic to making a guy, particularly the guy you fancy, laugh. I cherished it silently, along with his sweet comment.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, and I’ll admit that it scares me, but I’m brave enough to accept the feelings. He’s the first person since my break-up that’s felt so safe and kind and made my heart think, “I’m ready to move on…”

A late entry for… Daily Prompt: Confess


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