Halloween Season, Let’s Gooo! (October 2017 Goals)


Last October I finally attempted monthly goals posts (attempt), and in homage to my favorite holiday, I’m back in the blogosphere to try again. *fireworks* And hopefully I’m here to stay. ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽ‰

Volunteer at INVeg’s Halloween event.ย The vegan community in Spokane/Washington is smaller than California’s, but it is dedicated and growing. The Inland Northwest Vegans (INVeg) host monthly potlucks and Spokane’s local VegFest, as well as a range of holiday events. I’d been stumped as to what I’d do on Halloween until the light came to me in a Facebook notification… a Halloween “trunk and treat” hosted by INVeg! If enough people are interested, we’re going to make a haunted house as well. Fingers crossed. ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ’•

Vegan insider: despite what we vegans say, veganism can be very expensive. I want to make Halloween goodie bags, but I realized I couldn’t afford to when a small tub of chocolates from one company cost $33.00 (the large tub cost $75.00). I can’t complain though, because vegan companies are often conscious of sustainable, fair trade business practices and sourcing organic, non-GMO ingredients, as well as animal rights. So when we buy vegan products the purchases are investments for a better world. However, regular fruits and vegetables aren’t more expensive than an omnivore diet.

Despite the setback in my original plan, it’s quickly turned into a creative and frugal venture.


Experiment with pumpkin recipes. I’d like to try making a pumpkin pie this month~ and the pumpkin cinnamon rolls I infamously mentioned last year. All the prep and steps of the cinnamon rolls intimidated me, but I’ve gained more culinary experience since then and believe! Believe in the cinnamon roll power, everyone! Also, considering I should be healthy too… I’m interested in making pumpkin bean burgers. If such a thing exists. I’ll let you know. ๐ŸŽƒ And maybe post them on my IG, sooo… follow me~

I made these pumpkin-spice hotcakes (Japanese pancakes) earlier this month. I wanted them all to be Halloween-shaped, but the batter was so thick and difficult to pour into the molds. I ended up freestyling a bunch of ghosts (one could also pass for a goblin head).

Black Cat Approved

Update: I made a second batch of pumpkin-hotcakes, and my mom hid them. She’s notorious for abandoning her leftovers, so I give it a day until deeming it free game. “Not with hotcakes,” apparently.

Oh, oh, and look~๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽ‰ I bought pumpkin and skull ice trays to make Halloween-shaped chocolates!


Cosplay a new character. Since March 2017, I have been volunteering for Kuro Neko Cultural Association, a Spokane city non-profit organization that promotes and celebrates Japanese culture and pop-culture. We’re most known for hosting Spokane’s anime convention, KuroNekoCon, but we also host bimonthly cosplay contests! In August I cosplayed as Shiemi Moriyama from Blue Exorcist, and this month I want to finally cosplay a new character…

halloween_costume_yanchan (2).png

Make costumes for the totoros.ย I found a photo of T1 and T2 dressed in fake spider webs one Halloween and reminisced about another time I tried making all the Totoros costumes but didn’t finish. After throwing several ideas back and forth, the Ts and I have made a plan! They’ll also join me at the vegan event, and hopefully no one gets stolen… T1 has been through enough


Write a “horror” story. I wanted to write a story last year but didn’t get around to it. This year is the year! I won’t say much other than I know exactly what I want to write. ๐ŸŽƒ

Finish reading Incarceron and How To Ruin Everything. At first I wanted to read a Stephan King novel or less specifically a horror novel, but considering I have a mini library at home, I scouted for a scary theme/cover of a book I already own.


Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher, is a science fiction novel about a prison inmate and the warden’s daughter, who both seek freedom in the “outside world.” Possible spoiler: Together they discover the truth about Incarceron… it’s alive. At least that’s what the book blurb says. I haven’t gotten that far… I wonder if it spoiled the biggest plot twist.

How To Ruin Everything, by George Watsky,ย is a collection of essays focusing on success through failure. I enjoyed the first essay Tusk (even though it isn’t vegan-friendly), while another essay, Ask Me What I’m Doing Tonight!ย seemed to lack a thesis (and at times read dull). The other few essays I’ve read are interesting though, and I hope I’ll enjoy it despite the low ratings on Goodreads.

Watch a classic horror film? Ummm… I’ve never been a fan of horror with excessive jumpscares or gore, but I’ve heard classic/older movies focus on a slowly building tension and creepiness, which is the type of horror I like. I’ve never watched The Shining, and since it’s based off a book by Stephen King it only seems right that I watch it. Makes up for not reading a King novel this month too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Attend the library’s writer’s conference. The universe wants us to succeed, and I feel blessed and happy that I discovered this free event. Originally I found out about a writer’s conference happening in August, but when I looked into it I discovered that tickets cost $180. I mourned for the lost opportunity but moved forward, knowing that I had other opportunities awaiting me. And then I found one on the front page of my library’s website.

On October 14th I get to partake in 8 different workshops, ranging from flash fiction and humor in children’s literature to writing strong query letters and finding an agent. All nerdy writer stuff that I gush over whenever I think or read about it. Being away from a classroom setting for so long has me a bit nervous, but I know that I need to push myself and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As I’ve written before, I take my education just as seriously even though I dropped college, and these opportunities mean the world to me. So please wish me luck!

Finish KNCA scavenger hunt. Together with the vice chair, human relations, gaming coordinator, and a general staff member, I’m creating a scavenger hunt for KNCA’s staff! I don’t think anyone from staff reads my blog, but I won’t write much on the topic other than it’s going well and we’re working hard.

I feel like I defaced HR.

I named us Tsuki Squad, after our black cat mascot Tsuki. Unfortunately I don’t have a Tsuki plush of my own, but when we met to scout out the area I brought a stand-in. His name is Apple, but he got the nickname Baby Tsuki within a few pictures.


He’s so happy to be a part of the team! โค I think…

And those are my goals for the month! I’m feeling refreshed, ambitious, and excited for how I’ll grow this month. My only regret is not getting this posted sooner, but that’s okay. I’ll get back into writing and posting with time and practice. ๐Ÿ’ช

What are your goals this month? Any exciting Halloween plans?



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