A Little Trip to the Library

Unintentionally crazy-looking…

My passion for crystals has reignited, and I’m learning how to utilize their powers to help others and myself. Up until now I’d been researching online, but I made my studies official with a trip to the library!

When asked if I needed help, my face crinkled up and I told the librarian I didn’t know what I needed yet. I’ll just know when I find it, I thought.

On the database he found a crystal encyclopedia and placed it on hold for me, and when I asked if he found any other books, he starred dubiously at the screen, “101 Power CrystalsThe Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and StonesFor Healingand Transformation… but that’s not what you need, is it?” For all the times I’d seen and interacted with him, he never smiled until now. I fidgeted with the trinkets on the desk to smoother my creeping laughter… that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle has been met with positive reactions, but I do encounter occasional smirks and skepticism. With my budding studies and practices in spirituality and awareness, I realize there will be people drifting further away from me. Yet I’m genuinely happier than I was at the beginning of 2017, and I owe it to the new perspectives and ideas.

We overcomplicate life and happiness, and we are raised to believe that we need more than necessary. The key to a happy life is to explore and learn new hobbies and build a life upon what you enjoy. There are challenges to be had even then, but when love is present in your work, there’s also passion and motivation on your side.

And with that, I will continue writing and learning about crystals!

Also I have nothing against the librarian. I loved his reaction and immediately wanted to blog it. 😀 Thank you for the inspiration, Mr. Librarian! ❤

Do you believe in the powers of crystals? What about practices such as palm reading, Tarot cards, horoscopes, etc? I’m very curious and would love to read your thoughts and experiences! ❤ And if you are a little skeptical about it all, that’s okay too. We’re all taking different paths, but we can still share ideas and learn from one another.


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