Banana Peels

I walked outside eating a banana. The grass around the house is Spring green and grows taller everyday. The weather hasn’t often been like today’s, so feeling sunlight kisses and a warm breeze made me happy.

I ambled around in circles and finished the banana, when I got the idea to throw it on the ground somewhere, since it’s compostable. But I didn’t, since my mom would probably get mad, and a wild creature might come looking for it at night…

Then a little memory flooded into my mind. Back at our house in California, I always threw my apple cores out into the front yard, and my boyfriend of the time developed the habit too.

One morning after he’d gone to work, my mom and I walked out of the house, and she spotted a banana peel sitting in the dirt, right beside the driveway. I grimaced and my mom grumbled, and I went on to explain how we threw apple cores and such off into the front yard. She wasn’t too happy about that, explaining that the dogs found that stuff and ate it. Honestly, I didn’t believe it, but dogs can and do eat fruits and vegetables (vegan facts!). I apologized on my boyfriend’s behalf, but thought it was pretty funny, like, “Boo, what the heck?”

I still notice the little ways he’s changed me, such as my speech and laughter. He’s a good person in heart and mind, and I’m sure a few girls have a crush on him, but this memory will always be mine to cherish. That’s part of what makes exes beautifully bittersweet; you might loose the person, be it permanently or to the friendzone (or a restraining order), but the memories are forever yours to keep.


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