That Banana Peel

I walked outside with a banana. The sunlight kisses and warm breeze that followed recent storms made me extra happy. I ambled around in circles when I got the idea to throw the banana peel somewhere outside, since it’s compostable. Though I strongly considered it, I didn’t, fearing the wrath of my mom and possible wild creature that’d come looking for the peel.

A little memory flooded back… in California, I always threw my apple cores out in the front yard, and my boyfriend developed the habit too.

One morning after he’d gone to work, my mom and I walked out of the house and spotted a banana peel sitting in the dirt, right beside the driveway, as if gently placed there. I grimaced and had to explain our habit as she grumbled. She wasn’t too happy about it, saying the dogs ate it. Honestly I didn’t believe it, but dogs can and do eat fruits and vegetables (vegan facts!). I apologized on my boyfriend’s behalf but thought it was pretty funny… like, boo, what the heck?

I still notice the little ways he’s changed me, such as my speech and laughter. He’s a good person in heart and mind, and I’m sure a few girls have a crush on him, but this memory will always be mine to cherish. That’s part of what makes exes beautifully bittersweet; you might loose the person, be it permanently or to the friendzone (or a restraining order – not speaking from experience!), but the memories are forever yours to keep.


2 thoughts on “That Banana Peel

  1. Well this is a very positive way to look back at your exes… 🙂 Missing your adorable post and trying to catch up on both reading and blogging (simultaneously – if that’s even possible).

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    1. I consider myself blessed for having good memories of my exes… hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m the crazy and bad ex. 😱😭 I’m glad you’re back in the blogosphere! Looking forward to your thoughtful writings. ❤

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