Valentine’s Week

new hair.png

This year’s Valentine’s Day didn’t involve a date but a new look.

The day before Valentine’s Day, I had my first job interview! Unfortunately I stumbled through their “beginning, middle, and conclusion” questions and realized my interviewing skills suck. Later this week, they turned me down. Despite the shaky trial, I learned what to work on and prepare for. Wherever I end up is part of my destiny, and I know that with a positive attitude I’ll find my way. 😀

On the drive home, I spotted a sign that read:

If You Want The Rainbow

You Must First Go Through The Rain

This is actually the title of a poem written by Melissa Franks to spread abuse awareness, but even so the title possesses its own share of hopefulness and positivity. Everything will be alright, and better, with time and good efforts.

The rest of the day compiled of work, house chores, and making cookies and hot fudge for Valentine’s Day sundaes! In the evening, my dad and I went to the gym. Afterwards, I got a student newspaper, and it had a bunch of punny Valentines inside!

Lots of willpower ensued for me to save these. Be grateful, penpals.

I felt like I was cutting out coupons, and it reminded me of this opening scene from MyMusic (just watch until the theme song, or else you’ll run into spoilers). With awesome taping skills, I decorated the envelopes for my penpals. There’s a card and candy inside. I’m not sending empty envelopes.


My dad and I decided to shuffle down to the theater to watch The Lego Batman Movie and John Wick: Chapter 2 because he had a trip the next day, and it was a nice way to spend holiday time together (even though we saw different movies).

I owned my theater (I was the only one there), and in the movie there was a scene where Batman is alone in a theater too, hahaha. I tried taking a theater selfie in the dark and failed, because I didn’t want to use flash and look like a movie-torrenter. I have some trauma too.


I loved 2014’s The Lego Movie and hearing about a Batman spin-off was super exciting! I questioned whether Batman would make a good main-character after playing the comical side-kick, but the writers did an awesome job!


What I like most about the Lego films is that you’re whisk back into childhood, where you played and made up crazy plotlines that might not otherwise make sense but, in the world you’ve created, do. The formula works, and I love it.

Bring on the next Lego movie, I’m ready! I’ve watched this trailer at least ten times.


On Valentine’s Day morning, I gave my parent’s a handmade card and peanut brittle from my favorite vegan candy company, Amy E’s Bakery.


From there, I spent a bulk of the day getting my hair dyed and cut. My original appointment was earlier in the month, but my hairdresser got sick and couldn’t reschedule me until February 14th. Getting bangs revolutionized my confidence, and now I wanted a new and “Wow!” hair color.

The end result wasn’t quite my vision, but I’m still in love. I never curled my hair before either, so there were lots of new experiences today! My romance with fantasy hair colors is in full bloom.


My mom’s jaw dropped when she saw me again, and during the ride home my dad called and she told him, “She’s not the person we knew…”

To which I heard my dad exclaim, “Did she go blonde?”

My parents have always supported me, and even though my mom said she wasn’t sure about the idea, she loves it now and my dad is happy (and astonished) too – I look forward to showing him when he comes back.

My mom had a list of errands to run, so I took the night off from the gym. Before dropping me off at home, we picked up the mail and I got stickers!!! This round is from Stickii, not Pipsticks.


My dad left us a Valentine’s note saying we could go out to dinner sometime this week. Too busy tonight, we got veganfied pizzas from Pizza Hut instead.

A plus to being single: a whole pizza to yourself! A negative: eating a whole pizza yourself.


Ever since I turned 15 or 16, gifting me cacti and succulents has been my mom’s thing, and she reactivated the tradition today.

I’m good with cats, dogs, fish, boyfriends, myself, but never plants. Not even cacti. All my cacti have died… RIP </3 My ex- said that means I’m less nurturing than the desert. He meant it in good humor, of course (I hope).

It also took me forever to realize that a succulent isn’t a cactus. In honor of all the cacti souls lost under my care, I’ll take better care of these. I must channel my inner AmazingPhil.


Since I spent the entire day devouring cookies (and the entire evening devouring pizza), my sweet tooth was shot, and I saved my sundae for tomorrow. For my mom’s sundae, I thought cutting the cookie in half was an artist foodie choice, but it just looked like the wings to a melting battle-starship. The love shined through though.

I learned and made mine slightly cuter:


I have a record of crying on Valentine’s Day, but February transformed from a month of panic to a month of optimism, which is leading to an honest recovery and a happier self.

Sunday brought the work and play week to a delicious conclusion with… the vegan potluck! That’s right, readers, I made it this time around. Stress-free? …no. And I drive myself crazy with my last-minute baking antics, but I made it to the potluck.


In honor of Valentine’s Day I made red velvet cookies, buuut I was out of red food dye and titled them “Agave Crinkle Cookies” instead. There were so many amazing desserts.


I took small servings to be considerate and fit EVERYTHING on my plate, yet it wasn’t big enough and I needed a bowl too. It became the dessert bowl. So. Many. Amazing. Desserts. Two dishes wasn’t enough for everything either, but I sure wasn’t starving.


No food withstood the rush of hungry vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegans alike, so my seconds were a modest pasta fest. I also stashed extra desserts for my mom, but choices were slim. Delicious though, so no worries.


The potluck lasted an hour, and afterwards we received a lesson on making homemade kombucha, which was super interesting. I touched and held a SCOBY (bacteria and yeast colony), and my hands smelled afterwards. Totally worth it.

I can’t wait for next month’s food and guest speaker. Looking at the pictures made me hungry.

How was your Valentine’s Day, and what’s your favorite holiday? Is it your favorite because candy is involved? I’ll only judge a little, you sweet person, you. Just kidding. I love you! ^w^

I hope you have a great week, and I’ll see you in the next post! ❤


18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week

  1. I thought that picture of the cookie with the ice cream was going to be from a restaurant but NOPE you did that and it’s beautiful. Also that card you made and the little packages, how come you’re so creative?? That’s not fair. Good on you for having a good Valentine’s day. You totally deserve it😊💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you! For the dessert compliment and mail compliment. I feel like my creativity has been broken for years, so that’s a nice pick-me-up (don’t know if I used that term right). One of the packages is for you, but you have to tell me an address to send it to. 🙂 And I owe you new candy, because I caved and ate yours yesterday…….. 🙂


      1. oh my goodness ones for me?? Aaaah! I’m so excited! I totally forgot and you told me already. I don’t know which address, I’m moving 3 times before the end of April. I’ll message you through Whatsapp though. Also you don’t owe me anything lol I don’t blame you for eating any candy. As long as it was delicious. 🙂 And I don’t understand how you think your creativity is broken? I was going to say you’re one of the most creative people I know, but you’re actually literally the most creative person I know 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I got a new phone (same number though) and forgot to transfer WhatsApp, but I redownloaded it so hopefully all is well. Thank you for the compliment! You yourself are a creative person – the paintings you wrote about before are amazing. 🙂 And you’re a good writer too.


      3. Thank you so much, Lindsey. That makes me super happy! I’ll send you a free signed copy, for sure. 😉 I’ll send you a couple, that way when I’m super famous, you can sell them for big bucks and buy a house for you and Sebastian. 😀 Better get writing!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your posts are so full of life, it’s like an infusion of energy for me each time i read one! Good luck with the succulents, they are strange plants that grow oddly. It’s why I like them. you may think its dead on the bottom as it grows, the lower leaves sometimes fall off…but its part of it growing! Not too much water and plenty of light!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, hearing that makes me so happy! And I appreciate the succulent advice. I’m happy to say they’re both doing well, and the green one is growing taller. 😀


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