XOXO Mixtape: Pipsticks Unboxing


It’s really an unenveloping but unboxing sounds better! 😉 Plus “unenveloping” has a scary red snake slithering underneath it. And only I see it, which is scarier. What am I unboxing today? Only the best treasures possible: stickers!

Subscription services add extra excitement to walking down the icy driveway during a snowstorm, because your package/envelope might be waiting for you (or excitement in asking your mom if she has mail for you). There’s a subscription service for everything like organic fruits and vegetables, fashion, make-up, craft supplies, and even the kinky stuff. Hm, I find myself wondering if it’s weird that I know that.

Back in August, I discovered the company Pipsticks, a monthly sticker subscription for $14.95. Okay. Interesting. I looked into it but winced at my bank numbers and decided against it. Thanks to browsing cookies, I saw Pipstick’s September Mega pack advertised everywhere on my slice of Internet, and I finally went for it. My inner child rejoiced after winning, and I… also rejoiced, because stickers! 😀


accidentally cancelled my original subscription and re-subscribed, so I happened to receive two mega packs. Oh whoops. Clumsy me.

…guys the obsession is real.


Unexpectedly, the second pack differed from the first and made the unboxing even more exciting! I got Alpacasso stickers… LOOK AT THEM. SO CUTE.

Disclosure: I paid for this pack without a sponsorship, however I’m super excited to announce that I’m now a Pipsticks affiliate! If you’re interested in the company and its product(s), click any of the links in this blog post. It helps me out, but let’s talk about what really matters: you get stickers. Awesome stickers. Sure, we’re all growing older, but we don’t have to grow up. Remember to pay your bills, and you’ll be fine. Hopefully… ~existential crisis~

January’s pack causally vibed Valentine’s Day, but the real V-day sticker goodness is in the one-time purchase sticker store. Now onwards to stickers!


I love the detail that Pipsticks adds to their work, including the envelopes. I tried saving mine for crafting, but I have too much crafting supplies already. x_x


Every pack includes a detailed and decorative newsletter with a spoiler to next month’s stickers. The newsletter also includes last month’s winning raffle number; every Pipsticks pack comes with a ticket for a monthly raffle. September’s prize was a pink typewriter! Did I win? …no.


The pack also comes with a pre-stamped postcard and a double-sided quote card. The back is usually decorated, but Pipsticks added lines for writing or planning.


The postcard is blank and perfect for sticker bombing! I like the quote cards, but I don’t know what to do with them. My favorite is September’s “Be A Fruitloop In This World of Cheerios.” I gave my accidental extra to my fruitloopin friend Lindsey Livings.


I’m not sure if the left sheet is of pandas wearing bunny pajamas, but they’re kawaii official. I approve. The bears are my mom’s favorite and were last month’s spoiler.




Since October, each pack (that I’ve gotten) comes with glitter stickers. They’re simple and great for planners. I’m not sure how I’ll use thes,e because they’re not my style or color, but who knows. 🙂


I love how light hits foil stickers. These butterflies are gorgeous.


Picking favorites is always tough, but these decorative floral stamps are in the running. They’re the kind of stickers that you really want to use and save. So beautiful!!


These hearts remind me of those Valentine card kits that included the exact same red hearts for sealing cards. I always worried I wouldn’t have enough. Speaking of childhood memories, these letters remind me of the short time I drew flowers on the tails of my Ys’. I stopped because a teacher yelled at me. At that same school I got yelled at for how I held my pencil.


The chili peppers reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, who liked spicy foods, and made me a little sad, but otherwise they’re funny and random. Maybe it’s a play on being “hot stuff”?


Along with sourcing stickers, Pipsticks is dabbling in sticker-making (Pipstickers!).

The mixtapes hit too close to home for ex-boyfriend reasons, but the idea is super cute! I didn’t even notice until looking at this picture, but in the space between the two mixtapes are several heart stickers. Pipstick’s attention to detail is fantastic; nothing goes to waste!


For whatever reason, I dislike most shades of purple, but this is my purple. I love the color and the simmer of the foil outline. Chat bubble stickers are so fun, and if I ever make any friends in Washington, I’m going to take polaroid pictures and stick these onto them (the pictures, not the friends). 8)

And that’s it for January! My favorites are the floral stamps, mixtapes, and lingerie. Tell me what your favorites are in the comments!

Are you interested in Pipsticks? There are two clubs: Pro Club and Kid’s Club. The Pro Club Classic is what I unboxed above; if you’re on a tighter budget, there’s Pro Club Petite for $9.95 that come with 7+ sheets of stickers, a mini quote card, the newsletter, and a raffle ticket. The Kid’s Club Classic and Petite includes stickers, crafting paper, a coloring sheet, a newsletter, and a raffle ticket. If you become a subscriber, you get a 10% discount in the sticker store, which is pretty cool. 8)

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you with more stickers in the future!


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