Hello, 2017 (January Wrap-Up)


I spent New Year’s Eve with my parents and a friend’s family, and the festivities both ended 2016 and began 2017 with much needed happiness. Even though half of me wonders daily what the heck I’m doing with my life and the other half pats me on the back saying “Woohoo, you’re doin’ great,” both halves agree that Steven Universe is awesome. I binge-watched all 100+ episodes… such talent, I know.

~stares at gif for 15 seconds~ …woah, this is hypnotic.

There are still days where my heart lags, but I’ve worked hard to stay positive. And hey, it’s working! The sadness isn’t “fixed,” nor will it ever be “fixed,” but extra effort spent on positivity and exercising have been the remedies I needed to tame my monsters.

January whisked by in busy work that’s not too exciting to report but exciting when it all comes together (please come together..!). That’s why, if you’ve noticed, my blog has been centered more on food and tags rather than life and adventures. Truthfully I’m not doing much away from the house other than working out. My hope is that February hosts more excitement.

Get a job. Though not in January (but close enough), I applied to a restaurant, and I feel really good about it. Intuition good. This is it. This is where I temporarily belong… fingers still crossed. Otherwise I’m still hunting.^*w*^

Go to a potluck. Let me tell you the story…

I decided to go to the gym early and made the zucchini bread batter before (you’re supposed to bring a dish to the potluck), but I asked my mom to put them in the oven after she dropped me off. On the way home, her car slid on ice and sent her into a ditch. These darn ditches… thankfully she and the car were unharmed, but the zucchini bread didn’t make it into the oven. I got picked up at 4:50PM, the potluck started at 5PM, and the zucchini bread took an hour to bake. Taking this as a sign from the universe (or my mom’s giant scheme to withhold the zucchini bread), I didn’t go. I take responsibility for messing up my planning though, because I should have made the zucchini bread the night before and woke up earlier since I wanted to work out.

Will I repeat the same mistake in February? Possibly… but hopefully not! Tune in next post! 😉 Did I sell it? Have I convinced you?

I tried nabbing a picture of the potluck but couldn’t so here’s a link instead: foood.

Create 2 vegan recipes. As I’ve become infatuated with avocados, I created a yummy avocado sandwich recipe (it even included Vegemite, thanks to Lindsey!). My sandwich was cold by the time I got to eat it, but going through the planning and photography process of a recipe was a lot of fun, sometimes frustrating, and very rewarding once I published it. I feel like I learned a lot and gained further respect for food bloggers. There job isn’t easy!

The second sort-of-a-recipe recipe is going to be with a food testing post and is coming out soon! Here’s a “hint” (aka blatant spoiler) on Instagram!

Manage a cleaning schedule. In the last week of January, I found myself rather anxious and constantly cleaning the kitchen. I work best in a clean environment, but keeping it that way prevented me from greater accomplishments. I’ve decided that I need to let myself be okay with counter stains and dirty dishes in the sink, or else I’ll fall behind in what matters more. Everything that needs to get done always does, so finding balance between cleanliness and other duties is part of my growth as an adult… funny enough, when the kitchen is dirty I’ve had an extra productive day. 🙂

Tidy-up my closet. My closet’s been more monstrous in the past, but it felt good to set a deadline for organizing it. I used to wear and collect hats (SnapBacks are my favorite!), but my collection has since simmered down to five. I hung them above my closet. I’ve had the left Pikachu backpack since I was little (90’s Pokémon item, yeah yeah!), and the Pikachu backpack on the right was a birthday present from Giovanni’s brother. I know it’s mainstream (pardon, the hipster in me is present), but Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokémon. I loved watching Ash (Satoshi) and Pikachu’s adventures in the anime. 😀


Inside, I unpacked and hung up my clothing and organized the top shelf a tensy bit. The white basket is for the laundry that I’d pile in a corner. I’m trying to sell some shoes and a hat online, so I set them in my closet to keep them clean and safe. The plushies might move, but for now they’re content.


It looks beautifully organized, but the rest of my room adopted the mess. I still have plenty of work to do, but my closet was the start goal, and I’m happy to see progress.

My grandmother also moved and gave us and my uncles her excess furniture. I received wooden drawers and a desk! Both are a mess, but I’m excited for extra storage (I have a mushroom farm of knick-knacks). I cleaned out the plastic drawers from my closet and plan on using them for office/crafting supplies. They have a happy new home beside my desk. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ❤

Leafy greens wallpaper: I’m that vegan.

Practice with my new camera. I’d like to take pictures outside, but I’m not a winter person. At first I liked the whole four seasons thing, but I’m ready for Spring. Anytime now. Please. I miss California’s sunburn days. T_T I do, however, looove the snow when I can stay bundled inside and watch it fall. Well, as a temporary recluse, I guess that’s what I do.

Here are some of my favorite pictures this month:


This is my mom with our new family member, Zoe. We adopted her at the beginning of the month; she’s 12 years old, overweight, and has a thyroid condition. My dad chose her because she’s one of those shelter dogs less likely to be adopted. 😦 My mom and I handle the feeding, and the vet says that in six months Zoe will be at a healthy weight!

She’s incredibly sweet and friendly, though it bugs me when I drop food and she scrambles for it. In the morning, she clicks into my room, paces around, sleeps on the ground, and leaves; eventually she comes back to repeat the cycle. Some mornings when my face is by the edge of the bed, she starts licking me. Even though I’m a cat person, I’m glad to have met and adopted her into our home. Animals are always welcomed here. (▰˘◡˘▰)


When I started using my camera I had no idea how to turn the flash off, and I feel bad for the times I blinded the cats. I probably deserved this.


I also took a self-portrait/body-portrait(?) and made it black and white, because I’m so artsy. And Yin and Yang. That’s my thing. 8)

I’ve always been self-conscious about my body, but every day I work out is a day I’m working towards body confidence, health, and being comfortable in my own skin. I’m not an Instagram model, and I’ll admit there’s many times I feel bad about it, but everyone is going at their own pace on their path. I’ve worked hard to get where I am. Now I want to vanquish that darn muffin top.

I found the “Effects” setting, so I’ll play around with that next. Otherwise, it’s practice, practice, practice for Camera and me. 😀

Draw character art. What I scribbled this month isn’t worth sharing, but while organizing my closet I found this drawing from October. This is the quality of character art I want to create. And I need to practice anatomy. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s wonky.


Finish reading The Princess and The Goblin. Honestly, I flat out failed this goal. I found The Princess and The Goblin in my closet and told myself I’d finish it, and I didn’t. I didn’t read a single word. ~cries in corner~ I’m going to be more diligent about my reading from now on. Steven Universe stole me away. Not that I’m excused from neglecting my reading.

For February’s goals, I’m writing a single post at the end of the month versus two posts. The Intro and Wrap-Up take time, and I don’t want my blog to loose content because I’m writing goal posts. I also want to avoid writing identical thoughts in both posts, especially when I don’t meet a goal (like in this post). Lastly, coming up with interesting goals worth blogging about has been tough. October came easily because it aligned with my love of Halloween celebrations, but otherwise I’ve always lived life with a loose plan and tackled ideas as they arise. The goals posts have improved my time management but also add unnecessary stress and devour the joy of blogging. I want to provide fun and interesting content that both my readers and I will enjoy, and it bothers me when I feel my content lacks substance.

My spirit isn’t crushed (although I did have a couple panic attacks that I’m writing about), and I have a feeling that February is going to be more interesting – blogging, writing, and life-wise, and this down point is only temporary.

I’m happy I can share both my successes and sorrows with you, and hopefully you will be reminded that we’re all working to get our lives in order and accomplish our goals and dreams.

I believe in you and wish the absolute best for February! What are your goals this months?


8 thoughts on “Hello, 2017 (January Wrap-Up)

  1. You’ve got this, Girl! One day at a time!
    Zoe is a beautiful dog; I’m sure she loves your companionship – and her new furrever home!
    Like you said to me, life happens! Don’t let that be a discouragement if it “happens” in the midst of your plans! Use each day’s “happenings” as lessons, both adventurous and trying; your journey will never be boring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, step by step. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! Mishaps definitely make for more interesting stories. As my English teacher always said, “Nobody wants to read about how perfect your life is. We, the readers, want sorrow and screw ups. THAT’S interesting, and THAT’S real.” I’m way off, but that was his core message. xD Every day has an abundance of happiness and lessons. ❤ Good luck to you as well, Madame Adventure. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love reading other people’s goals for the month. I agree one day at a time is definitely the way to go. For february my goals are to push myself out of my comfort zone, volunteer more, read more, exercise more and eat more healthy :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One day at a time, paired with goals to make up a loose plan. 🙂 Sometimes freefalling can be as intimidating as a huge list of goals! Those are brilliant goals, and I wish you the absolute best of luck; “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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