Kangaroos and Sailor Moon – Exchange with Lindsey Livings


So it might not be apparent, despite how many times I’ve mentioned her, but I worship adore Lindsey Livings. Back in September I asked her about doing an exchange, and finally, after obsessing over the tracking number, calling the post office to correct a misprinted zip code, and having the package shipped again from California to Washington, it arrived! And here’s her post!


The box faced many perils… and as Lindsey told me, the postal man sealed it with just one piece of tape. I’m kind of surprised it survived. Never underestimate packing tape.


Lindsey’s cute letter! And yes indeed, I am a sticker addict. I’ve converted her as well. Fun fact: she used some of the stickers I sent her to decorate my letter. 😀


She promised to hook me up with some Australia souvenirs.

The first item to call my attention was the adorable kangaroo and koala pencil case – it’s amazingly soft. I could sleep with it… and end up stabbing myself with a weaponized pencil. What a way to go. Anyway, this is really cute and one of my favorite gifts!

She also got me fruit pudding!


Ooo, and hidden inside the kangaroo-kaola bag were even more goodies!


Way back she offered me a ton of free National Geographic world-food-kid stickers that she gets at the market, as they’re “technically stickers” and I love stickers, so seeing and remembering them made me laugh. Each pack comes with card that can be folded multiple ways (like those toy art boxes that you flip around and create different pictures with – does anyone know or remember what I’m talking about?) and has facts about the country’s food. We joked about the American food stereotype, which is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I sent her a vegan PB&J candy in homage to that. Hopefully it reminded her of home.


The infamous Vegemite… Lindsey’s exact words were, “You will love it or hate it.” When my mom saw it on the counter, she started cracking up, telling me that 95% of Americans hate it. I tasted a petit amount on my finger, and it seemed pretty good – savory kind of? I’m going to have it on a tomato and avocado sandwich, and I hope I love it. 🙂 Even if not… thank you, Lindsey!

And as I am a stationary addict, she sent me a four pack of popsicle post-its. Sadly, the blue one has a bite out of its head, while the other is oblivious to the possible danger. I wonder if that makes them non-vegan… their lil’ faces are cute though!

Instead of picking just one, Lindsey splurged and got me a pack of pins. 😀 I’m trying not to fall into the enamel pin craze on Instagram, but I really do like pins (way before Instagram and #pingame). I think the golden kangaroo pin could be put on anything to make it look like a fancy brand, sort of like the Puma brand logo. I have Canada and USA flag pins, so now I can add Australia to the bunch! My favorite pin is probably a tie between the kangaroo pins. Update: The golden kangaroo pin’s back is broken. TT_TT It’s still attached, but it’s super wiggly. Poor kangaroo…


I sent her a pack of black sheets that you scratch and create rainbow pictures. She drew me Totoro! His eye is wonky, she says, but he looks perfect to me. 🙂 ❤


At this point, I started pulling everything out in excitement (and hunger), especially when I spotted the marzipan mini cake. I’ve never one before, but I’m used to hearing the word from Marzia, who calls her fandom “marzipans.” After taking all my pictures of the exchange, I tore it open and ate half of it. I’m not a big fan of raisins, but it was super sweet and tasty! I gave the other half to my mom, who loved it too. I’d like to bake vegan marzipans sometime.

Lindsey also sent me coin-shaped pieces of black licorice that were practically real coins after spending a couple hours in the snow. These are the strongest black licorice I’ve ever had. My mom really liked them too; she was very happy with the sudden sweets.


The last candy surprise was this box of rose-flavored jelly chocolates. The jelly initially tasted like cherry with an edible rose aroma. These made me feel fancy.


I could NOT get a decent shot of the entire sheet without a glaring flash bleeding everywhere.

My favorite item in the box are these Sailor Moon stickers. I’m sure they’re bootlegs, but I love them! ❤ Some of the characters look normal…


While others have some extra charm…


The pink-haired girl at the bottom of this picture isn’t even from Sailor Moon. xD There’s another imposter elsewhere on the sheet too.


Australia pens, because Lindsey and I are penpals! I let my mom borrow one for a class she’s taking, and I realize now that I might never see it again. Poor solider, so young… Update: Somehow it found its way back to me, yay!

And finally… more stickers!


Kangaroos and koalas showing their country pride.


Puffy stickers with all sorts of animals and a tribal man? My favorite is the bird with a yellow Mohawk.


And lastly, golden letter stickers, which are super useful! I was recently thinking how I’d like some letter stickers, so thank you for hearing my future self’s wishes, Lindsey!


I had a lot of fun with this exchange! At first I had no idea what to buy, but once I started finding stuff it was an avalanche of candy and stickers. After sending her package, I felt a void in my heart… hopefully we’ll be able to do this again! Maybe we can do an exchange for every country she and her boyfriend visit. 😉

Thank you for reading, and go check out her blog to see my awesome box! Really, the actual box is an art piece. I worked hard on it. Are those enough links to persuade you? Blame Lindsey, she gave me the idea. 😀 😀 😀




38 thoughts on “Kangaroos and Sailor Moon – Exchange with Lindsey Livings

  1. Okay I finally posted mine! Reading yours made me so happy! I hope you didn’t hate the fruit pudding as much as me, because I thought it was seriously awful but it’s traditional from their British past so I had to send it. I found the Sailor moon stickers in some shop that sold souvenirs and had a gigantic pile of weird stickers but I thought you’d like those the best. Reading about you opening yours made me happy!! Now you get to read about your box 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tried the fruit pudding yet, but I’ll be sure to tell you once I do! And the Vegemite. 😀 The Sailor Moon stickers are awesome. Whenever you find weird stickers, think of me. Or buy them for me, psh, you know, your choice. 8)


  2. what fun!
    treats from a foreign country are amazing!!
    I’d love to do something similar – what a super-fun experience!
    thanks for sharing, ladies!
    (and MJ, I love that you’re from CA and now in WA State – same here!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I recommend doing an exchange for sure, especially with a friend from another country! The foreign food is particularly exciting. 😀 And wow, really? California to Washington is quite an experience. 🙂


      1. read that you were SoCal (LA) then NorCal, then WA (Spokane). I was SoCal (LA/OC border) then WA (Seattle). Been up here in PacNW for 18.5 yrs now.


      2. Seattle? How cool! I really want to visit sometime – I hear they have a cat café. ❤ ❤ I'm glad you're liking Washington; Spokane is a pretty cool city too, though I live about 15-20 minutes away in small suburb.


      3. Yes, we have a kitty cafe; I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, but it’s on my bucket list!
        To say I live ‘In Seattle’ is a bit of a bait and switch… I live in an area generally associated with “the greater Seattle region”… kind of like Disneyland/Anaheim being part of LA… I live halfway between the Sea-Tac airport and the Canadian border! But I work in (north) Seattle. I’ve been to Spokane twice (if you count landing at the airport to reboard another airplane, and driving through en route to Montana as ‘times in Spokane’. My boss is a Spokane native.
        Hope the chill hasn’t been too unbearable for ya!


      4. Oh, haha, that’s like me “living” in Spokane – not quite, but it’s easier to tell people for bearings 🙂 You’ll definitely have to blog about the cat café! And thank you; back at ya’! Keep warm. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Ha Ha Ha!
        As much as I (now, as an adult) appreciate all my parents sacrificed to keep us entertained and from killing one another (I’m one of nine kids), we really didn’t have the opportunity to see much beyond a 3-hour car ride from our home in LA. I decided with my kids, we’d try and see new places! Montana was an easy drive from WA State; we stayed in a cabin near the Lewis & Clark caverns – toured the caverns too! – and in a tipi on the Blackfoot reservation near Browning (during powwow weekend! Yay!).
        We even took a day-trip up across the border into Alberta, Canada, where it rained and rained and rained (and rained, and rained…), so we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch and ice cream (sad, I know) and headed back into the US of A.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. We did indeed sleep in a traditional tipi; it was pretty awesome! The sunrises were breathtaking, as the door of the tipi (tradition!) faces eastward! Unfortunately, we haven’t been back to Montana, but since, we’ve been to Oregon and Alaska! Planned a trip to Wyoming, but cancelled to host visitors here instead. Took them for a visit up to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. LOVED LOVED LOVED Alaska!!! Definitely on my list to return there!!! It was a cruise – which was gorgeous! – but didn’t get a lot of time on land to explore. So, next time, would like to fly in, rent a car and just take it all in!
        My kids are growing up way too fast – my budget can’t keep up! But at least they’ve seen a few new places while under my care!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. That sounds amazing! I hope you can fly in soon; I want to look into cruises too, as it seems like a safe and easy way to travel alone while getting one’s bearings. I’m sure your kids have quite a few awesome experiences thanks to you. 😎


      9. Dairy Queen is actually really exciting especially when you’re a kid or one stuck in an adult’s body like me lol. Blizzards are so good. I can’t believe of all places in Montana you guys went to Browning, you could have gone to Yellowstone or Glacier! I bet your kids loved the beaver slide in the Lewis and Clark caverns though, that part was always so exciting growing up.

        Liked by 2 people

      10. Ice-cream places stores are awesome; before going vegan, I used to love Cold Stones and this local place called Yogurt World. 😀 Vegan ice-cream exists, but vegan ice-cream stores are rare. Now I want to visit Montana to see this park you guys are talking about, haha. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Cold Stone is good, but I’m a simple girl – vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, thank you! And truth be told, I’d rather frozen yogurt! Used to “indulge” in TCBY back in CA all the time! Now, up here, it’s Menchie’s or Just Peachy FroYo for this girl! Cake Batter flavor! Yummmmmm!
        As far as vegan (I’m not positive that it’s vegan, but I know it was dairy-free anyway), Trader Joe’s used to stock some pretty tasty ice cream (the brand was Soy Delicious)… May be worth checking out.

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Frozen yogurt is awesome! I never understood if it’s soft serve ice-cream or actually yogurt… yes, Trader Joe’s has their own vegan brand of ice-cream, and it’s pretty good. My number one is Coconut Bliss though. 😊


  3. Wow this is a super cool idea MJ! I enjoyed this blog so much! This is genius stuff right here. I think all blogger – friends should try this soon ^_^ ♡


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