All About Resolutions (& January 2017 Goals)

I’m setting goals instead of making resolutions for 2017. Resolutions are similar to goals but “the action of solving a problem” and possesses a negative cognitive due to the fear and relation of failure with the word; a goal, however, is “the object of a person’s ambition” and spotlights the desire to accomplish. Rather than starting the year off thinking we have to tackle problems, we should focus on our passions and building a pathways that leads to our desired achievements.

After NaNoWriMo 2016 and December, it’s struck me that I don’t want to give myself a far off date to start a project or improvement. On any day, at any moment, we have the power and control to change the way we feel and improve habits. No one has to force themselves to change, but once adopting the mindset that you are in control will rearrange the mindset for the better.

There’s been a strong desire all around us to shove 2016 aside and rebound with 2017, but personally 2016 impacted me more than any year before. There are moments I look back and wish I smiled more and held fewer to zero grudges, but I did what I did. Hating the year, begging for the clock to tick faster, and ignoring 2016 won’t make the bitter times any sweeter. It really troubles me, because I saw this longing at the beginning of December (and even in November) when we had an entire month to turn it around. But 2017 is here, and I’m feeling lots of good energy in the atmosphere! It’s going to be a great year.

My goals for 2017 are:

  • Find a job (and bring in dah cash).
  • Dabble in photography.
  • Visit a far away friend(s).
  • Blog and write! Woohoo, dreams = goals! I have a few projects in mind.
  • Get involved with the Spokane vegan community.
  • Exercise daily and portion meals. Psh. I got this. I love exercising. 😀 But I also really like eating good vegan food… portioning isn’t too hard though.
  • Complete a reading challenge. As a slllooooowwww reader, this is extremely intimidating, but that makes it fun and exciting.
  • Journal. And plan..? #plannercommunity! 😀 ❤ I’m currently looking for a planner but have started journaling again! Reading the day-to-day stories is funny, but it’s meta when I give myself advice I should have taken and didn’t… I’m following the advice now due to learning my lessons the hard way. Sometimes I feel like the younger me is the wiser one.
  • Finally get my driver’s license! Eek. I’ve been practicing on snowy backroads, and the other day someone started tailgating me, and I pulled over into a ditch. Then the person just drove off… my mom, our new rescue dog, and I were all stuck for 2 hours before a man with a front end towing package found and pulled us out. We would have had to wait at least 45 more minutes for AAA to come. TT___TT
  • Try new recipes and study nutrition. I haven’t been keeping up with my vegan studies, and I still haven’t gotten into a nutrition fight, so I can’t let my guard down now..! I’d like to blog more about veganism and what it’s really about as well, because there’s a lot of memes misinformation out there. We’re not a cult full of arrogant and/or angry people, really! (◕﹏◕✿)
  • Be positive. I’m recovering from my extreme sadness and negative mindset (or self-diagnosed depression), and though I still have semi-sad days, I don’t cry and feel hopeless like before. This year I’m focusing on building myself up stronger than ever.

I’ve decided to give each month on the blog a central theme that will drive what I post about. January’s focus is new beginnings, confidence, and ambition; and my January Goals are:

Get a job. I’ve found a couple of places and am half-way finished with my resume. I also took the Washington Food Handler’s Test and passed, so I officially have a new Food Handler’s Card! Unfortunately there aren’t any places to work nearby that are 100% vegan or vegetarian, but I’m avoiding any jobs that would have me handling meat. Fingers crossed that I get accepted somewhere soon!

Go to a potluck. I’m super excited that there’s a BIG vegan organization in Spokane, and even better, it hosts free monthly potlucks! I don’t know if I’ll be going alone or if a friend will come along, but we’ll see. Got to veganize my friends one by one… muwahahaha.   щ(゚Д゚щ)

Create 2 vegan recipes. I had a lot of fun creating and sharing my hot fudge recipe and want to post more, whether it’s a dessert or not (I’m much more comfortable cooking than baking without a recipe).

Manage a cleaning schedule. There are times when I feel like I get nothing accomplished, because I’m either cooking meals or cleaning up the kitchen. As a cleaning routine for the kitchen, I’m going to do a quick morning clean-up and a tidier nighttime clean-up. It’s working so far!

Tidy-up my closet. Since moving the last of my things from California and having little to no time to process before Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities, my closet has become the carpet where dust and secrets get swept under. Time to clean up!

Practice with my new camera. Because life is about risks, I used the last of my savings to buy a new camera – this is another reason I’m hoping to get a job soon, as my bank account is overrun with tumbleweeds… anywho, I love photography, but when my past camera’s insides spontaneously fried out, I invested in a SmartPhone with a nice camera instead. My phone’s camera isn’t as good as it used to be, or maybe it was never that good, but I’m ready to return to fancy photography. After all, I am an adult with a part-time blogging job and need professional photos… glitter and candy for everyone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Draw character art. One way I created and developed a story was by drawing the characters. To begin my new writing project, I want to doodle out ideas. On the more secretive side, I want to outline, make notes, and just start writing – I’m working on finding a balance between prep and doing.

Finish reading The Princess and The Goblin. Have you seen the 90s animated film of the same name? Well, it’s one of my favorite childhood films, and when I found out about the book, I had to read it! This month I’m going to finish it!

And those are my 2017 and January goals! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful month and 2017. Tell me what your goals are in the comments! 😀


4 thoughts on “All About Resolutions (& January 2017 Goals)

  1. Good luck with your goals!! You’re WAY more organized than me. I got a planner actually, but all I want to do is play with all the gel pens you got me. Not much planning going on.
    I don’t blame you for pulling over because of a tailgater, they’re all human garbage -_- and I’ve had to get out and push my car from icy spots a few times lol but I hope you don’t have to do that. I also really hope you’re going to be posting all these new fancy real photographer pictures 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And I get it – one of the reasons I wanted to start a planner is because they look so fun to decorate. xD Oh yeah, I don’t know if I could push my mom’s truck out of snow, but where there’s a will there’s a way… D: Thank you, I’ll be able to post awesome pictures like you! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the contrast between resolutions and goals – very insightful! I think going forward I’m going to resolve to set goals and resign the ritual of resolutions. 8+)
    I wish you all the best during this first month! You have set the bar high for yourself – ambitious!

    Liked by 1 person

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