Dinnertime Copycat (Daily Prompt)


Today I made ratatouille. Not just any ratatouille, but Pixar’s ratatouille from Ratatouille!

I copied referenced the recipe that Lindsey posted, referencing Pixar’s movie, but ended up with a relatively different dish with zucchini, squash, mushroom, and potato. The combo’s aesthetic was less than pleasing, so I chopped up the baby tomatoes I had been avoiding due to slight wilting, and tossed them on top. They turned out to be a lovely garnish and extra flavor!

Until Lindsey’s post, I had no idea what ratatouille is. In my head, it was a vegetable lasagna, and after making it, I want to lasagna-y it with some (vegan) cheese. It’s such a versatile dish, and I’m eager to experiment!

A couple of hours after the hearty meal (it’s much more filling than you’d expect!), my sweet tooth was whining, and I decided to bake. Since I haven’t had easy kitchen and oven access at the trailer, I haven’t been baking much. For the month of November, I’m going to be staying with my parents in Washington, and what better time to experiment than now?

I looked up vegan chocolate chip cookies recipes and found one with gorgeous pictures. The ingredients were a lot fancier than what I had at home, but I managed. Could someone tell me what vanilla extract does, because yes, I briefly studied to be a baker, but I still don’t know its purpose… and my parents weren’t willing to drive into town for half a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Sorry, vanilla extract. We’re still friends, I promise.

As the recipe warned, the cookies spread out a lot and were very fragile. My mom wanted one the moment they came out of the oven, so with a lot of discretion I served her flakey cookie mush. As messy as my dessert golems were, the flavor possessed me until I fell into a chocolate overdose haze… a common feeling for me when left alone with my sugary concoctions. My biggest mistake, above forsaking the vanilla extract, adding maybe a pinch too much salt, and molding too big of cookie dough balls, was chopping up half a bar of 100% cacao for chocolate chips…

Have you tried pure chocolate before? Giovanni told me that mole, a Spanish dish, calls for this pure form of chocolate. That’s how different 100% cacao chocolate is from the chocolate bars we know, love, and bake cookies with – it’s not sweet. It’s on another plane, a bitter plane, of flavor.

Anyway, running into a nugget of 100% cacao chocolate was unpleasant. Maybe when I’m older, my tastebuds will mature to the taste. For now, semi-sweet is my favorite!


I’m no cookie master like my IG friend @thethoughtfulkitchen (a cookie god), but with time and practice I’ll get better!


Now, after a day of house-chores and cooking, I’m going to continue working on my NaNo novel and November Goals post with Gibson in his usual spot.


Daily Prompt: Copycat


6 thoughts on “Dinnertime Copycat (Daily Prompt)

  1. Aw I feel so honored 🙂 Your ratatouille turned out more tasty looking than mine though lol. I added a pound of cheese to the leftovers and you did from the beginning so you know what you’re doing. And with the description of those cookies I was expecting something that looked like Jabba the Hutt but they look delicious 😍 One time I also made the mistake of buying a bar of 99% cocoa and it tasted like dirt. Semi-sweet is definitely where it’s at for cookies!!

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    1. I actually thought I had to cook it for 15 minutes rather than an hour, so I don’t know how long I ended up cooking it for. Mine too had a less-beautiful sibling, but it was just as yummy! Wow, sounds of sadistic… the cookies were pretty good (and better looking in the picture). I think I’ll try again with almond butter and vanilla. OH, and sweeter chocolate…

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  2. I missed your blogs MJ! Very cute & funny as always. When you said “Maybe when I’m older, my tastebuds will mature to the taste. For now, semi-sweet is my favorite!” – it made me feel so old. Ha ha ha. Acceptance / Aging issues…

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