Our Little Family (Discover Challenge)

The moment I saw the prompt “Animal,” I wanted to share some pictures of Tina and Gibson and write a follow-up to their vet visit back in September.myfamily

Tina and Gibson are going to be okay. In fact, as I’m so late in writing this, they are okay.

We got their blood readings the morning after the vet visit, and all the numbers were normal. No bad thyroid readings or sign of kidney disease (though it’s apparently impossible to detect that). What they had caught was a bacterial infection, which would either go away on its own or be healed with antibiotics.

Although my parents and I were relieved to hear that Tina and Gibson would be okay, my parents were also concerned with the out of nowhere bill of $500. Because of this, they decided to wait awhile before getting the medicine.

I was upset that they were concentrating on the money situation and not on the wellbeing of my cats, especially when they were still suffering from an illness, but I knew that being hit with a $500 bill unexpectedly is troublesome. I had offered to pay it out of my savings, but they declined. Despite their differing perspectives, we were all glad to hear that Tina and Gibson would be okay. Unfortunately, they did not begin feeling better as soon as my parents had hoped and eventually got the antibiotic shot.

Nowadays, their appetite has returned and they’re both eating like gluttons, especially Gibson. He’s back to jumping on the counters and trying to snatch up anything he can find. My dad told me yesterday that Gibson tried to jump on the counter, didn’t reach the top, and ended up dragging a placemat and kitcheree down with him. Luckily, my dad chuckled on the phone, so hopefully nothing got damaged. Gibson is clearly okay.

What a cat, that Gibson. 🙂 An old man with youthful spark. And appetite.


So feisty!


Tina is eating normally and getting her hypertension pills, but my mom reported that she does bump into the wall occasionally, especially when she hears it’s time for food. I’m imagining this fluffy, black cloud running around eagerly on fluffy legs, and the thought makes me miss her and her brother even more.


So elegant!


In November, I’m going back to Washington for the Thanksgiving month/holiday, and I’m so excited to see Tina and Gibson (and my parents). Depression and the anxiety of dropping out of college, as well as a slur of ongoing family troubles, has my spirits weakened, and seeing my kitty family members always cheers me up. They’re the sweetest creatures I have ever known, even when they give me their attitude (which I’m sure is caused by me being obnoxious), and I can’t wait to hold and hug them.

Of course then I’m going to miss this crazy, black and white furball. 🙂


So… quirky. (I love her!)


I look forward to the day my kitty kids and I can be reunited and all live under the same roof.

Haha, “kitty kids.”

That’s pretty cute. (=^・ェ・^=)

– Discover Challenge: Animal


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