Today with Tina and Gibson


Tonight is an eat from the tub of ice-cream kind of night. And it’s really unadult, but an adult might also handle it with a few drinks, and we know that the way I adult is with ice-cream, so I am adult-coping…

This is a no judging zone.

But my mom is totally going to judge me if she finds out, so shhh.

I’m going to hide the empty carton the trashcan. Do you ever eat something and don’t want to be discovered, so you hide it under other garbage and hope it just gets forgotten?


Okay, so, on Monday night, I flew to Washington to visit my family. My parents absolutely adore their new house, and I absolutely adore what they’ve done with it. Even though we’ve been living apart, we’re all happy with our decisions and living situations.

As I’ve mentioned before, the hardest part about the move has been the separation of my cats, Tina and Gibson, and me. There’s also Tiger, but he’s pretty close with the whole family.

Tina and Gibson are my little ones, my babies. There are also times when I’m their baby (like those many times Gibson has brought me a mouse…). We are our own happy little family, and it’s been that way for 14-15 years. No matter the changes I have undergone or the bouts of depression I have faced, they have comforted me and filled nights of tears and heartbreak with compassion, patience, and care. I’m so grateful to them for being my best friends, my support system, and my family. Sometimes, when I look at them, I forget what species they are, because I don’t see them as cats. Tina is Tina. Gibson is Gibson. Whether they are humans or cats or any other creature, Tina and Gibson are, simply, my family.

Five or six days ago, they began sleeping more and don’t react to the normal feeding routine my mom established with them. She told me about it the night I got there, and I watched over them. The next day, I managed to get Tina to eat her hypertension pill, but she wasn’t interested in eating after that. Today and yesterday she ate very little, despite our attempts of several other food choices. Gibson remained uninterested as well, only eating a couple bites. My parents didn’t switch the food up suddenly, so it wasn’t pickiness.

I eventually persuaded my parents to take Tina to the vet, since she seemed to be more out of character than Gibson. After a general exam, they concluded that blood work was needed to find something further. They drew the blood but couldn’t get the proper readings there and sent it to another lab. We should get results tomorrow. She could have kidney disease, but they need to address the thyroid readings first. I’m sure there’s some vet stuff I’m missing, but this is how I understood.

After more heartbroken and worried persuasion, Gibson went in for blood work too. He has symptoms of hypertension, and they decided to send his blood work to the lab as well. We should get their results tomorrow.

The blood work put a dent in my dad’s wallet, but ultimately I believe we did the best we could. Whatever comes up, we’ll do our best to take care of the cats and provide the best possible life for them. I don’t want them to suffer or merely survive, so I’m hoping proper medicine will help perk them back up to livelihood… but I’m truly unsure of what is to come. 😦

The vet suggested to try to feed them baby food for a few days, and they both ate a little of it. Gibson also hung out around me more than he has this entire trip, and I believe it has to do with taking him to the vet.

After seeing Buzzfeed’s video with a pet psychic, I have made an extra effort to listen to what our animals are communicating. Gibson sat between me and my computer like he used to do and hung out near me more often. I feel like he was saying thank you for listening to his signs of trouble, but it could also be another way of him comforting me for whatever is to come…


As of right now, I’m finishing this post in bed with both of them snuggled up and sleeping by my legs. I don’t know what the future or even tomorrow holds for our family, but I could only hope that they understand all the love I hold for them, and I wish for them to continue living healthy lives and for us to once again live together.


5 thoughts on “Today with Tina and Gibson

    1. Thank you. 🙂 ❤ And thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one who hides ice-cream tubs. Hopefully my mom and Giovanni don't find this post… or else they'll know my long-time secret.


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