Here & Now, There & Then (Discover Challenge)

Six or so months ago I went to Mrs. Grossman’s company store and bought a couple sheets of stickers. Among my purchases included a sheet of two large Chalk Talk line stickers.

happysticki.jpgThe first, “Find what makes you happy and do it!” has always been the outline of how I try to live my life. I’m often fighting the voices of society in my head, but what I believe I want to do is be a positive story-teller and creator. I do not want to step on others to achieve success or thrive off exploitation someone else, even if it’s beyond my direct doing, and certain jobs (particularly the money making ones…) involve these negativities. That is way I’ve always strived for more peaceful careers, such as an author, massage therapist, or baker (now vegan baker, because a regular baker achieves success through exploitation of animals, even though it might not be known or intentional…). The conflict is that these careers are usually not met with immense amounts of money, and that is where I worry about what society will think of me. It can be a battle to listen to my heart and the goodness I want to give to the world when my head listens to the negativities that dwell in our own human heart.

I put this sticker on a notebook I want to turn into a memory book/journal/planner, and remind myself to be happy in what I do and reap successes that way. And by success I do not mean a pile of riches, unmatched fame, or world-dominating power (which, as the Banana King, I have already anyways…), but an outreach of positivity and happiness. And if I am happy and passionate about what I do, success is sure to follow.

One example of this is that I’ve been having more fun with my blog and am happier with the content, and as a result I’m getting positive responses.


The other sticker went on my laptop.

Honestly, I didn’t remember what carpe diem meant and had to look it up, but I knew it meant something good. 🙂 I put the message “Sleep Less / Carpe Diem (seize the day) / Dream More” on my laptop because my laptop is where I do a lot of my work, be it academic studies, blogging/story-writing, or reading and discovering new nouns* around the world. Because I want to grow as a writer/blogger and ultimately have my stories out in the world, writing is vital. And, despite having lazy days (and I can set a streak…), I’ve become a lover of working. So much to the point that I have trouble falling asleep… and in turn trouble waking up and seizing the day. Yep, I brought it all back around!

*I tried to be creative and more word-savvy, but just incase it’s unclear, a noun is a “person, place, or thing,” so I mean I discover new people, places, or things… I didn’t want to limit my vocabulary and say I discover new “things”… I feel like having to explain what I mean discredits my inventive-vocab efforts, but I’m not confident enough in myself to not explain.  (   ╥﹏╥)

The carpe diem sticker is the ground work to the happy sticker, which is the what-gets-said-first part of an inspirational speech. Once a passion (or a slowly igniting interest) is discovered, it bursts into sparks and excitement and is all that can be thought about, day and night!! But those sparks are not enough to keep life moving forward. That’s where the work comes in.

The happy sticker reminds me of the sparks that keep me going in life here and now, especially when the negativity creeps in, and the carpe diem sticker is a reminder that I need to work to achieve the dream, the then and there, the desired future. I need to sleep well, but not too much (sleep less than I used to as a child and teen), be ambitious and productive during the day (carpe diem/seize the day), and always remember what I’m trying to accomplish. What are the sparks that keep me looking forward to the next day (dream more)?

I believe they go very well together and are my Yin and Yang. I need both a love of what I do and a plan to make something happen!

– Discover Challenge: Here and Now


2 thoughts on “Here & Now, There & Then (Discover Challenge)

  1. Hi, MJ! I really loved your post! x) You seem like such a sweet, heart-centered, smart person ❤
    I read through your post smoothly and enjoyed it very much. I agree with you on all that you said, doing what we like and reap success and dreaming holding hands with work.
    You seem to be so young too! I admire you 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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