August thus far…

Ice-cream cocktail!

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday, and I definitely feel like an adult. It’s a little troubling that I don’t have a license and still suffer from driver’s anxiety, but it recently donned on me that I don’t have any means of practicing in a comfortable setting. Or even an uncomfortable setting. Everyone is very busy, and there isn’t a lot of time to spend teaching me. I’m going to learn the bus routes as soon as possible though, so that will give me more ability to move around. I’d walk places, but I don’t know how safe this city area is. Memo always makes jokes about getting shot by gang members, and while I’m not especially worried, I do want to carry a weapon. Gio gave me a giant knife, but I don’t know if it’s something I should just carry around in my purse…

If someone tries to break in I’ll chop the doorknob off!

My parents moved states last Saturday, and on Sunday I officially moved in with my boyfriend and his family. Everything’s been great, ultimately, but even though I was ready for the change, as I explained in The Cat Hustle, I get a little sad at times. I haven’t cried, but my vision’s been blurred by tears here and there – nothing uncontrollable. I imagine that my mind and body are in shock, but I’m sure my tears will river down on my birthday.

My dad came back late Monday night, and Tuesday morning Giovanni and I picked him up to get a mover’s truck. When I hugged my dad, he pet my head and asked me a couple times if I was alright. Saying goodbye was one of the moments I felt tears. Later, we brought my dad food from Amy’s Drive-Thru (a vegan fast food place), packed up my remaining belongings, and cleaned my room. My dad is coming back one final time to pick up our kitchenware and goldfish (Gio will feed them before and after work until Saturday), so saying farewell wasn’t as difficult. Perhaps I’ll cry again when we partways on Saturday, because I won’t see them until Christmas.

Man. I didn’t get through this post without crying.

Do you happen to know why birthdays are so emotional? I hope you’re having a great year, and tell me about your birthday.


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