Time to Start Dreaming Bigger


August approaches. August 25th is coming. I shall be 21.

Cool, I’m nearly an adult (in U.S. terms).

“Adulthood” is met with mixed feelings. Some opinions grimance at the age-based label, seeing it as end to all childhood freedom. Adulthood means “adulting,” and being somewhat, kind of, sort of, decent at it..? is no longer okay. Adulthood means adulting for real. And to some, that’s scary.

I’m not too scared of adulthood, as I feel I’m going to be okay as an adult. Also, “age is just a number,” and as it is the child of time, it’s another creation of the human mind that doesn’t really exist but controls much of our thought. 21 or not, who knows when I’m really an adult. Maybe I’ll never be an adult, but I’ll at least handle my responsibilities.

For my first year of college, I lived alone (mostly) in an apartment and had to pay several bills, cook all my meals, buy my groceries, clean up regularly, study, get to appointments on time, and–I won’t keep going, but you get the idea. Since this blog post is being written, I survived adulting! Giovanni did stay to carpool on the weekdays and helped with cooking. My mom had to move in halfway through the lease, but she didn’t stay there much in the day. Giovanni and I cooked her lunch and dinner, and she helped a little with morning chores.

So adult responsibilities don’t frighten me too much, although I do wind up in a pit of despair thinking about how I can be a writer, sustain myself financially, and travel…


If I’ll ever, or if I can, fufill my dreams… and be happy… before I die…….


Which brings me to this! I’m almost 21. I’m a child at heart, but an adult in body, societal eye, and brain – maybe. With the coming future, I can either submit to a routine, or dream bigger.

I want to dream bigger and remind myself that I can still see the world with the eyes of a child, and see beauty, wonder, and goodness… dreams, compassion, and knowledge are what I desire. Travel will create new tales for my writing, give me plenty to blog about, and further expand my mind to other people.

Giovanni and I have been more aware of the world’s happenings since our first year of college, and we both want to become positive forces on Earth. We became vegan in April, and now we are researching other ways to be positive forces, as well as how we can develop and use our passions for good cause. Being vegan has definitely impacted our views in many ways, but those are posts for later.

When speaking about “dreaming,” I mean it for both myself and the world. I don’t want to settle for the notion, “There will never be world peace, because people fear/hate what is different from them.” I do not deny all the tricky conflicts of belief we possess, for instance the death penalty or abortion, but I do believe that an impact can be made if we do three things:

  1. Listen, observe, and ask questions. Research answers, and then repeat the process. Do not settle for the first answer you find either, because all sources of information have an agenda (I have an agenda!), and you want to get the whole picture (ex: democratic point of view, republican point of view, third parties’ points of view, and foreign points of view). Educate yourself in college and/or books, the internet, and people.
  2. Travel. See the rest of the world. See and meet people, and find out that we all smile and struggle and work for our families and have dreams. Nothing will make you more aware than seeing the rest of what’s out there. Learn about the bad, but pay attention to all the good. There are great people doing great things for the world.
  3. Finally… be kind. The truth is that I do not know if we can annihilate discrimination in my generation or any currently living generations, but we can create and forward peace. In the U.S. and all over the world, there is hatred, and the roots always come from discrimination; that can be discrimination of race, money, or beliefs… if you dissect the major issues of conflict deep enough, it’s discrimination towards what is different. To be kind is the most difficult choice we can make, and I won’t try to preach like I’m perfect. I get grumpy, I am taken aback when someone is rude to me for reasons unknown, and sometimes when I’m hurting, I don’t want to extend my hand to anyone… yet if we want to change the world, we must go beyond ourselves and realize the impact we have on each other.

Soon, I’ll be 21.

I’m dreaming like a child with the eyes of an adult.

I dream for myself, and I dream for the world. I’m dreaming for all of us, just as you dream for you, me, and the rest of us; I hope that in the future, we will have peace, love, and kindness to look upon as our greatest accomplish.


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