Life is going pretty well at the moment. My cats are having a great time running in and outside, but it’s getting pretty cold in here. The price you pay for the happiness of your kids, right? Speaking of kids, I asked Giovanni to make me the noodles I’ve been “craving,” and he just wrote back worried about the “craving.” Yeah, he seems genuinely concerned… silly Gio! Even if it happens, we’ll manage… of course, I’m not intent on getting pregnant at this age or ever. Future me, has that changed? Or was this noodle-craving….?!

You know what else happened today? Marzia commented on my post! And she shared it on Twitter! I had tears in my eyes when I read her message… my role-model thanked me for supporting her! This was a great feeling and experience. The post took me two days to write coherently, and I hope everything came out right. I also hope I get to meet her someday for a hug.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.32.25 PM

A ton of marzipans have visited the post as well, and some have commented their similar feelings for how much Marzia has positively impacted them. They’re inspiring me to really keep going with my writing and other creative ventures, as I hope to one day be a spark in their lives too. So make sure to work hard, okay present me? And future me, I hope I make you proud.

Not too long ago, I updated my Camp NaNo stats, and… well, it’s mixed results. My numbers are incredibly low compared to the mark I should be at. However, tallying up what I’ve written this month, I’m farther in than I thought! Still, I am at 4,000+ words, when I should be at 17,000 (in a godly goal of 31,000!). But hey! I wrote for my novel, am writing more than ever on my blog, and am really enjoying this month all together. I could be writing more, but my discipline is a work in progress… that’s why I do these Camp and NaNo events, after all. 😀Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.55.32 PM

Wow, you know what else just happened? WordPress notified me that today is my two-year anniversary! Although I didn’t use this blog until 2015..! Creating the blog was an accomplishment enough, as I felt incredibly anxious about even making one. Guess it just took a year to get comfortable in my blogging/writing skin. I do hope to continue blogging, whether it is about my life, travel, reviews, writing, or… whatever else I find myself interested in next!

That’s all for now. 😀


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