Online Marshmallows and IRL Memories (Camp NaNoWriMo)

A little about my CampNaNoWriMo project…


Let me tell you about Goth Dude.

Walking down the hallway dressed in all black, his eyes hid behind raven bangs tipped in bright green. His T-shirts detailed with complicated and moonlit band logos, pants a dyed denim hybrid of skinny-baggy jeans, and a hair style to drop the jaw of any underclassmen all influenced my 7th grade self for the years to come.

In the days before Goth Dude, it was the summer between 6th and 7th grade that my interest in the stylish punk/gothic dress bloomed. I imagine it to be the exposure of the internet that first revealed the surface of gothic culture to my impressionable eyes. While I dabbled in the years-later mainstream black and red and black on black on black, this crossed with my introduction to the anime Bleach and the character Noba, who’s name I misinterpreted as “Nova,” spawning a liking to it and desire to write about a “Nova.” Between these developments of my own self and my ideas, sat a little idea of a powerful being who’s goal was ultimately to protect a single, chosen person.

And on the first day of 7th grade, the concepts molded together and the idea sparked to life in the form of a fashionable goth donning black and green haired. Nova came to life.


From that day forward, he and everyone in his story has grown to be a huge part of my life, both as a creator and person.

I’ve been working on Nova (hero) and Siya’s (heroine) story for years. Their story was written out in numerous journals and is many of my writing firsts, being the first story to fill one journal (I would usually jump around in stories, but stuck with their’s for an entire journal); the first to have a complete second book; the first to begin its’ third book; the first to be revised and massively rewritten; the first NaNo project; the first (and only T_T) NaNo winner; the first to have over 50, 100, 150, nearly 200 pages written; and finally… the first and closest story to being finished on a computer (I used to handwrite all my stories). Their story will also be the first to which I claim official copywrites to. For all these reasons, G.D. is an incredibly important part of my life, and I hope that when I finally reach the point of publishing the story, Nova and Siya will be the best they can be and that readers will come to love them as I do. That is still far away, however, and I am still quite a novice writer! But I do wish to share a little bit of G.D. with the world, so I present to readers my idea of a book blurb for G.D.:

Starting high school, Siya Rosebark hopes to blend in as she did through middle school and only engage in an adventure if her best friends are beside her. Success abounds as she survives a first-day visit to the principal’s office, dodges unrequited crushes, and discovers the mysterious BANE pastels in her art class.

But the innocent excitement only lasts until an unexpected accident, leading Siya to a young man claiming to be her “guardian” and is possibly the voice she’s been hearing in her head. The guardian, Nova, explains the consequences of choosing to stay together or remain apart, and Siya’s ultimate choice throws her into battles of other worldly beings and unfathomable powers facing off, evidently leading to an incomprehensible war. Luckily her history classes gave her some preparation to handle the politics, but no one prepared her to defend against the demons of a kingdom submerged in darkness.

Wow, I feel so official… I can’t wait for Nova and Siya’s story to one day be in print, and as I said before, I shall do my best as their creator to write them and their story in great and grand form!

Camp Goal: Finish G.D. Book 1!

And if 50k is not enough or college pushes NaNo aside…

2016 Goal: Finish G.D. Book 1!

Happy Writing, my fellow NaNo’ers, fellow writers!


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