2015 NaNoWriMo Day 5: Wishes and Writer’s Block

Make a wish, because it’s 11:11!

Well, here it is.

Guess what happened today? Very exciting… I read my story (wrote about it on Day 2) in front of my English class today! And Giovanni rapped!

We were supposed to present on Tuesday, but the presentations went all the way up to mine, and we ran out of time. For the entire class my heart was pounding outside my chest… I never liked public speaking, reading, or presenting, but I started getting a bit more confident and comfortable. Yet for whatever reason, I’m getting shy again. So in other words, I was relieved when our teacher packed up her notes and told us we’d finish on Thursday.

While I was supposed to practice reading my story, I ended up using that time writing for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, playing videogames, and helping Giovanni practice his rap. Okay, we also watched anime. But the week was long, and we worked hard. Our procrastination via play on Tuesday and a bit of Wednesday felt well-earned! My tip for procrastination is to either work and ignore the desire to do otherwise, or procrastinate and enjoy it.

I know, though. This is much easier to say than practice, but the above worked as my mindset this week.

Anyway… reading in front of the class. Yeah. Yes! I liked it! I loved it. I enjoyed standing and sitting in front of my classmates and sharing my story, keeping in mind certain habits readers have, such as reading too fast, stopping and going, and/or ignoring punctuation. My problem is always reading too fast. During the end of the story, which finalized at two pages, my nose got runny and I tried sniffling low-key. There are a few different ways I would have preferred reading the last line, but I still got an applause. Even compliments and questions. Feedback is exciting and intimidating, but I received good word. While leaving the stage felt relieving, I enjoyed being in the spotlight. Giovanni felt the same way.

He missed his first beat and played the music too loud, but he flew through his entire song without a stumble! After his performance and answering questions and accepting compliments in his modest way, he sat down shaking. I patted his shoulder in comfort, and he told me later that he wanted to go up again.

We plan on posting the video of his performance on Facebook, but the USB cord isn’t being read properly, preventing us from downloading it onto the computer. Hopefully we figure it out soon. Giovanni deserves the exposure!

In other news, NaNoWriMo is proving a trial for me right now. I displayed early symptoms of Writer’s Plague (Writer’s Block), and a dose of an even worse disease: anti-inspiration. Yet I’ve always had a way to fend off Writer’s Block: Write.

Writer’s Block is one of those walls that appears stiff and still and indestructible, but it is actually quite the fragile force. Writer’s Block posts no threat as long as you can encourage yourself enough to trek through the wall that’s thin as fog. Just run right through and keep writing.

Though a few more tips are:

  • Step away: It’s okay, you’re working hard, and every hard worker deserves a break. Go for a walk to clear your mind or collect new ideas.
  • Read: Get inspired. Remind yourself that every great literary work began in the mind of a fellow writer, and first draft wasn’t pretty either.
  • Free-write: Whether it’s a diary entry, an alternative scene, or ramblings, write different prose. Maybe you’ll find a gem in those freewrites for now or later. Keep them and save them.

Those are just a few of many ways to regain the “juice” in your writing, but I still support the idea that you need to just keep writing. That is the most surefire way to get out of a block. And remember, the block does not have to stop you. That wall looks like a wall, but it’s not. I promise. You’re going to be just fine.

Happy Writing!


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