2015 NaNoWriMo Day 4: Pep Talk

We can’t give up. We have to keep going. We must keep writing! We’re working towards a rewarding goal. In no way is it easy, but that’s what makes it meaningful. Worth achieving. Worth attempting success. An easy accomplishment has no comparison to a challenging accomplishment.

You choose to write. You choose to challenge yourself. And you choose to give up. But why give up? Why try, just to give up? Think about how you’ll feel when you succeed. Surely better than if you carry around those words of “I gave up” for the rest of the month, year, decade, life.

So many people believe in you, and you might not even know them. Wrimos support each other. I know I’m rooting for you. Countless Wrimos are rooting for you AND your story. Your characters are rooting for you…

You’re the only one in the entire world that can write the story you have began. You’re the only one who can breath life into your world the way you imagined it to be. If you leave them, your characters have no way to go on.

Go on, write on. Your characters need to save that princess, reach Olympia, save the world from robots, impress and win over the love interest, and make it home safe and sound… or not, but they can at least try.

Only you can keep them going. Only you can hold their hands and guide them on the right path.

Help them help themselves.

You got this.


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