2015 NaNoWriMo Day 3: An Attempt at a Short and Sweet Update

My novel is falling a bit far behind with school and the blog standing up front. In order to get back to my novel, I’ll try to shorten my posts a bit. But in my defense, I don’t plan to write as much as I do either. I am enjoying November’s literary spoils so far though, and that’s a great start to the month and NaNoWriMo. My novel-fattening days will definitely be the weekends.

Now, another aspect for me to consider, rather than seek disappointment in my novel’s slow progression is… I started a blog! Shy and self-conscious me! Who is keeping up on the daily posts! Can’t get too cocky though, right? I’m only on Day 3… yet I’m still proud.

I made this blog last year for NaNoWriMo 2014 and never posted. This year I’m throwing myself into the endeavor and tying NaNoWriMo close to my side as well. I’m being more ambitious this year, which is ironic and funny in a way, because this has been a crippling year on my self-esteem and confidence. I think I’m dedicating my heart and my time so enthusiastically because I want to reignite my spark in life. Like I said Day 1, I’m writing to save my life.

But enough about me. How is your NaNoWriMo going, fellow Wrimo’s? Or how is writing in general, fellow writers? Or how is that other passion of yours going, reader? Whatever it is you are working on, best of luck to you. You deserve it, you earned it, and you’re doing awesome.

I’d like to give a shout-out to someone else who is working exceptionally hard at embracing challenges and seeking out opportunities to help him grow. My boyfriend, Giovanni, writes new raps on a weekly basis, practices out loud—either on his own or in front of me (and my cats)—and is finally going to start posting the performances online.

Since he’s more of a song-writer than a story-writer (though I’m sure he’d be a good at that too), I’m trying to encourage him to post his work more often on his Instagram and Facebook, kind of pushing him into his own NaNoWriMo (how about… National Rap Posting Month – NaRaPoMo). He’s also doing a rap for our class presentation about Native Americans, which is an amazingly HUUUUGE step for him. He’s never performed in front of a live audience before, minus the few times he rapped at my old workplace for me and any coworkers wandering in and out. I’m so excited. I’m nervous too, but it’s a good nervous. A great nervous.

It’s been about a year since he brought his old journal to work. About a year since I pestered him for hours to let me read it. About a year since I told him he had talent. And about a year since he picked up a pen and started writing again, after a two year hiatus.

Today, he’s writing nearly daily and beginning to break into the next level of his dream: performing. I’ve convinced him to take a singing class to improve on the mechanics of performing and how to properly use and utilize his most valued instrument, his voice, and he’s really starting to get serious about it. Keep it up strong and this boy’s going somewhere!

I can’t wait to see where the rest of 2015 and all of 2016 takes us, as we whirlpool into new adventures and opportunities to further ourselves along the paths of our dreams. I hope we stick together through the tough times as wholeheartedly as we do the good times.

Best of luck and wishes in reaching your dreams! You got this.

Now, I want to know more about you… what are you striving towards? What is going on in your life at the moment?


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